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Puppies! We have news to share! Nec Aspera Estrela has just bred a litter with puppies due around Election day!! GRCH Akaroa’s Dourado from TradeWinds House is the sire, CH. Ditto by TrailsEnd from Nec Aspera,  is the hopeful dam.


At TrailsEnd farm we believe in the preservation of rare and heritage breeds. We are located in beautiful North Carolina. The base of our farm is our Estrela Mountain Dogs.  We believe that true type and temperament are very important today.
Proudly working with the Estrela Mountain Dog for over 12 years. We have searched high and low for different bloodlines, new genetic depth and diversity to add to our lines.  We have been to Portugal many times, and to the  UK on this quest. It has been an adventure! We have enjoyed every minute of it.

Ask us about our puppy yard.  Ask us for references.

NOT all breeders xray, do your homework!!

Our puppies undergo an extensive socialization.
We DO NOT breed for show, or color,  we show to protect the breed and educate judges on the breed.

TrailsEnd dogs are trained at Einstein Canine Training and Activity Center.

Please enjoy our site and come back often to check for updates and new pictures.

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