The Future of TrailsEnd

The last 17 years have been a wondrous adventure. However, like all things, adventures end. It is with mixed emotions, I am posting today. I have decided to stop breeding.

When someone is truly a breeder, and not just a pet owner that throws two dogs together, it consumes your heart, time, money and emotions. This year we started with an incredible litter, I have never been so proud, but as in life, when things go bad, they really go bad. To lose two wonderful puppies from that litter, well, it broke something inside me, and I do not see a way forward.

I have loved this adventure from the start. I will always have the most incredible memories from it, and some of the best friends.
But this part of my life story, has ended.

If you are searching for an Estrela. Please go to a real breeder, someone who does the health testing needed. I recommend Portugal.