Echo by TrailsEnd


Call Name: Echo

DOB: 12/2010

Echo is one of our own.  We knew we were going to keep him from very early. He had the promise of many things we were looking for next.
Echo has gone to a few shows, but he has a strong mistrust of strangers so we decided not to put him through that any longer. It was not the most important thing for us. He is well behaved in public, and a complete gentleman at the vet.

He has the most natural instinct with livestock we have seen. From a very young age, he bonded and protected the kids and lambs. Respecting their mother, but keeping all other animals away from them. He has the height, top line and angles we are looking for.
Very good guardian, while very affectionate and goofy with his family.

More pictures of Echo can be seen in his album.
Sire to: (coming very soon, we hope!)