Dennis by TrailsEnd


Call Name: Dennis

DOB: 1/2006

Dennis is one of our own.  We had originally placed him in a show, breeding home, but that did not work out so well.  He did not get the socialization he needed.  His owner called me, he was eating his way out of crates, nervous, and couldn’t be contained.  We brought him home here, threw out all the drugs he was currently taking, and ‘gave’ him a quick lesson on being a dog. He was very head shy, didn’t know how to jump, and afraid when I came outside with something as simple as a brush!  We stopped babying him, and let the girls of TE, teach him how to be an Estrela.    We have not looked back!!!  He is a wonderful guardian, a dog dominant boy who loves his girls.  He has a gorgeous type and is still maturing.

Dennis will start his show  & public career in late 2010.

We are very happy to have him with us.

  More pictures of Dennis can be seen in his album.

Sire to:

Jupiters Moons Litter

Aussie Litter

Bean Litter

Dickens Litter

DNA Profiled


Hips~ PH .42 & .42