CH. Metkumutkan Successor (Dogzilla Hazen)

Not on Location, Not owned by TE

Call Name: “Z”

DOB: November 2008

Color: Gray

We are very delighted Dr “Haze” has given us stud privileges of this beautiful boy!! We could not be happier.
As per Dr “Haze”
Well, first of all, I let the kids name him…and unfortunately they picked “Dogzilla”. So we call him “Z”.
Why an Estrela?  I am gone quite a bit, including nights, so I wanted a protective dog. But we have young kids, and lots of kids in the neighborhood, so a friendly family dog was a must.  For these reasons, I thought a purebred was appropriate.  I have always loved Boxers, but we just werent ready for such a high energy dog.  After much, much research…including driving to see Estrela’s in Maryland and North Carolina, we settled on the Estrela. Good choice!
Everything we read is true: loving, kind, gentle and patient.  Doesnt ever start the fight, but isnt afraid to finish it.  Z has never been aggressive, but is very, very protective. 
And yes, he is stubborn.
You do need to show him “who is boss”, but it mostly comes down to “naughtiness” (playing with kids socks, sneaking off with Mom’s slippers). He is never a problem. He is a good, good boy…just a stubborn teenager ; ))
Gentle but protective, strong but never aggressive…I cannot recommend this breed enough.
Note from TE: We have taken Zee to shows and had him as a house guest on many occasions. He has a wonderful, correct temperament and we are very delighted to say he finished his Ch title at Premier 2011.
Premier 2011
Sire to:
Deja Vu Litter


~Hips OFA Prelim~excellent

More photos of Z can be seen in his album.