GRCH McCoy by TrailsEnd

Call Name: McCoy

DOB:  Jan. 2009

Every kingdom has a princess. I would like you to meet Pretty Pretty Princess McCoy.

Every day she amazes me more. She gives what we ask of her and so much more.

McCoy is very natural with stock. She has been ‘on guard’ with them since she was a young pup.

She adores meet and greets in public. When I tell her its time to go, she waits by the gate, ready to go and meet new friends.  Typical of most of the breed she is wonderful with children.  Many years she is the unofficial mascot of Madelines softball team.

She finished her Champion and Grand Champion titles very quickly and has been the #1 dog for three years running.

McCoy exhibits no sound sensitivities. Gunshots, thunder and fireworks are no issue for her.

She is a dominate bitch, but adores her mother. They spend all of their time together.

To me a goal as a breeder should be to improve, I feel this special girl is indeed an improvement over her parents.

See McCoy on CHIC. One of the first dogs meeting the requirements.

See photos of McCoy in her album.


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