The Estrela Mountain Dog

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Child-friendly, loyal, and playful, Estrela Mountain Dogs (EMD) make an amazing family dog. These pups are calm yet courageous. They will not hesitate to defend their loved ones against any potential danger. This protective nature makes EMD an ideal guard dog!

Named after the Estrela Mountains, the Estrela Mountain Dog is an ancient dog breed that originated in Portugal. Other names include Cao de Serra da Estrela, Portuguese Mountain dogs, and Portuguese shepherds.

Possessing the personality of a classic mountain dog, EMD dogs are highly independent and alert. They have a suspicious nature, which makes them an ideal watchdog. With their massive size and deep bark, these pups will surely scare away any intruders. An intelligent breed, Estrella Mountain dogs are easy to train.

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The Estrela Mountain Dog is known to be one of the ancient dog breeds in the Iberian Peninsula.  It is so old that there very few-to-non written records of their origin.




Estrela Mountain Dog Quick Facts



Hypoallergenic Dog:







27-inches (68 cm)


Breed Group:

Foundation Stock Service


14-16 years


Energy Level:




Family Dog:
Yes! Great with kids.


Read on to find everything you need to know about this loving and devoted giant dog breed!


The Estrela Mountain Dog’s Physical Characteristics


Estrela Mountain dogs are robust and athletic, a perfect example of Molossoid dog breed. These pooches are large-sized dogs with mastiff-type appearance. The medium-sized, amber-colored eyes of these pups give a keen and cool expression. The ears are small compared to their body size, are triangular with rounded tips. The breed comes in four unique colors: fawn, brindle, wolf gray and yellow.


An average male EMD stands at a height of 69 centimeters and weighs around 53 kilograms, whereas female Estrela mountain dogs have an average height of 65 centimeters and weigh around 40 kilograms.


The coat of Estrela mountain dogs is thick and has a goat-hair like texture. The thick coat must have evolved in order to protect them against the harsh conditions of the mountainous area. The coat comes in two varieties:

  • Long-haired: The topcoat is straight or slightly wavy and is uneven in some parts.
  • Short-haired: Short length hair is evenly distributed all over the body.


Estrela Mountain Dog Temperament


Affectionate, loyal, and lively, Estrela Mountain dogs are everything you look for in a family dog. They are playful and love children! They are extremely devoted to one chosen person from their family and would not leave their side.


They have a calm nature, but their protective instinct makes them extremely defensive of their loved ones. They will do anything to protect their family, making them an ideal guard dog.


Estrela mountain dogs are aloof and reserved around the stranger. Their protective nature makes them vary from strangers. This behavior makes it absolutely necessary to start the socialization training of theses pups from day one!



Getting an Estrela Mountain Dog Puppy


Is Estrela Mountain Dog the right dog for you?


If you are considering getting an Estrela Mountain Dog puppy. Here’s what to watch out for:


  • Estrela Mountain dogs are massive in size and need ample space to move around. They do well in houses with gardens and backyard. This breed is not suitable for the apartment lifestyle.


  • They are intelligent and respond well to command and training. But they are also independently minded and can sometimes be stubborn. You need to be an experienced dog owner to handle these pups — This breed is not recommended for novice owners.


  • Estrela Mountain Dogs are not a hypoallergenic breed. If you or any of your family members are prone to dog allergies, you may want to look for a hypoallergenic pet dog.


  • These pups have a suspicious nature and therefore are not stranger friendly. You will need to do proper socialization training of these dogs from an early age.


  • They are dog friendly but don’t get on well with cats and other pets, so if you already have a cat or any other pet, you may want to consider another dog breed.


If you have further questions about Estrela Mountain Dogs, check out our FAQ section.


Exercise & Training

Training an Estrela Mountain Dog


Socialization and training of Estrela Mountain puppies must start from day one!

If done right, training an Estrela Mountain Dog can be easy and rewarding. They are eager to please their owner and the training sessions provide an opportunity to form a strong bond with their human. Use positive reinforcement methods, be consistent with your expectations, and keep training session short.


Remember that Estrela Mountain Dogs are very intelligent and independent-minded. They understand and respond to commands quickly, but they can also act stubborn if they sense weakness. These pups need a firm leader and are not recommended for novice owners.


A sensitive breed, Estrela Mountain Dog puppies may develop separation anxiety if left alone for a long period. Crate training from an early age would help them cope with anxiety.


Exercise Needs of Estrela Mountain Dog


A medium-energy breed, Estrela Mountain Dogs do not require a rigorous exercise regime. A long-walk daily and some playtime in your fenced backyard would be enough to meet their exercise requirements and keep their weight normal.


Playful and spirited, they will enjoy playing games with their family. They can be trained for obedience, agility, and rally.


Estrela Mountain Dog Grooming

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The grooming requirements of Estrela Mountain dogs are moderate. A weekly brushing routine with some extra effort to de-matt your EMD would keep their coat tidy and tangle-free. Keep in mind, that these pups do shed seasonally, and you might need to brush them daily during that time.


As far as bathing is concerned, they don’t need it much. A bath or two in the whole year is enough. You may use waterless shampoo to get rid of the smell and dirt throughout the year.


Ears should be cleaned every other week and claws should be trimmed as needed. Brushing your dog’s teeth frequently, with a vet-recommended dog toothpaste would keep dental problems away.


Estrela Mountain Dog Health Issues and Care

Generally, a hearty breed, Estrela Mountain Dogs may suffer from problems faced by all large-sized dogs. Some of these health problems are listed below:



Condition Symptoms Treatment Prevention

Dilated Cardiomyopathy



Difficulty in breathing


weight loss

Fainting spells

Swollen abdomen

Oral Cardiac Medication and injections prescribed by the vet. There is no effective method of prevention for this disease

Hip dysplasia

Reduced activity

Limited range of motion Looseness in the joint

Limping from the hind end

Slender stance

Weight maintenance

Joint Injections

Physical Therapy

Maintaining a healthy weight

Elbow Dysplasia

Pain while moving joints


Swollen Joints

Decreased range of motion

Medication prescribed by the vet Affected dogs should not be bred.

Skin allergies and hot spots



Itchy skin

Increased scrabbling

Excessive licking

Anti-allergy medications Use anti-itching shampoo and choose high-quality food for your pup.

Good hygiene





All in all, The Estrela Mountain Dog breed is a great pet choice. Their loving, spirited and playful nature makes them a great companion for families with children. They are keen, alert, and dignified. This dog breed makes an exceptional watchdog. They are protective of their loved ones and would protect them against danger at any cost. Intelligent and athletic, these pups are easy to train. However, their independent nature and stubbornness make them not-a-great pet choice for novice owners.


Estrela Mountain Dog FAQ


Do Estrela Mountain Dogs Shed?

Yes. They shed seasonally. During heavy shedding, it is recommended that they are brushed regularly to prevent excessive shedding.


Do Estrela Mountain Dogs Shed?

Moderately. Estrela dogs have a very low drooling tendency.


Are Estrela Mountain Dogs Hypoallergenic?

No. These dogs are not hypoallergenic and therefore are not recommended for people prone to dog allergies.


Is the Estrela Mountain Dog Good with Kids?

Yes! These pups love kids. They enjoy the company of children.


Is the Estrela Mountain Dog Intelligent?

Yes! Estrela Mountain Dogs are smart. They understand and learn the given commands quicker than dogs with average intelligence.


Do Estrela Mountain Dogs Bark a lot?

Yes. This dog breed has a high tendency to bark. They are very vocal and often enjoy howling loudly.



Is the Estrela Mountain Dog Good to Keep in an Apartment?

 No! These large-sized pups are not meant for apartments. Houses with backyards where they can play are the best choice for them


What Is the Estrela Mountain Dog Size?

Large. An average Estrela dog may weigh 47 kilograms and have a height of 68 centimeters.


Is the Estrela Mountain Dog Easy to train?

Yes. This intelligent dog breed is easy to train as they are eager to please their owner.


How Much Does an Estrela Mountain Dog Cost?

$1000. An Estrela Mountain Dog puppy can cost $1000 and above.


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