Our puppy owners speak out!

  •  Thank you so much Cindy I couldn’t have imagined a better puppy. (Nina’s owner)
  •  And this: I only have five dogs but the wolfhounds count as at least 3 each and Bart, our Estrela, is like having 10.(Bart’s Owner)
  •  I do want to add that every day he is also getting more beautiful. He is quite a character and we absolutely adore him. (Pedro’s Owner)
  •  His ribs are easy to feel. He will be big!!! He can lift his head and grab any food there is on the kitchen counter!!! So far no steaks have made it in his tummy! We love him so much – I can’t believe how good, gentle, loving, obedient (well sometimes) and easy going the Estrela breed is. (Vasco’s Owner)
  •  Callie’s colors are becoming so beautiful! They are so good and sweet … they both have Castica’s lovely personality. (Noah and Callie’s Owner)
  •  He is calm, cute, and smart. We love him. (Gaspar’s Owner)
  •  It was a long wait to become a Trailsend customer. In that time, I learned …You have poured poured tremendous energy, dedication, perseverance, and expense to establish the Estrela in America and I am so proud of you. Pinta has healed my heart. I am so proud to have Pinta.(her) There is no other breed for me now. (Pinta’s Owner)
  •  Thank you so much. I’ve met a lot of breeders and you are truly one of the best! (Calista’s owner)
  •  …..you choose her for me, and for that I will always be grateful. So, I do thank you, very much. (Mia’s owner)
  •  We just adore them and everyone who sees them does too!  We are very happy with them! (Kore and Leda’s owner)
  •  Kodi is doing great.  She is still sweet and tolerant, but with confidence.  She’s still a champion walker and everyone loves her.  Although she didn’t appear frightened or intimidated, it must be a lot to take in and it is probably easiest to play follow-the-leader in the face of that much simultaneous sensory stimulation.  Nonetheless, if I can manage to preserve this attitude and train it into her permanently, she is going to be a great city dog. (Kodi’s owner)
  •   She is doing so well.   We just love her.  I watch the puppies still.   You take such good care of them. She is the most wonderful dog.  (Bizy’s owner)
  •  He is a dream puppy.  He is totally house broken and lets us know when he needs to go out.  He is not sleeping in his crate, but next to my bed and doing great.  He starts to chew on something he shouldn’t, we tell him NO and he stops and turns to his own toys.  He is calm and LOVES the kids.  OK, so maybe I was a little overly optimistic.  His first crazy puppy day started yesterday.  He managed to get into everything he wasn’t supposed to and defied every NO.  He even found a dead mouse (very decayed so it doesn’t seem he got any bad from it – yet).  But, we still love him and for a puppy he’s very good in my book. (Diego’s owner)
  •  Sajen had the time of his life yesterday afternoon.  We went for a walk in the woods …. he loved it and “took me all over”.  Was he tired when we got back.  He didn’t even stop to eat, crawled in his crate and off to sleep.  We were out about an hour so I can see why he was tired.  In just minutes we are doing the same thing again today.  He’s such a honey – I just adore him.   I kind of think he likes me too – I get big sloppy smooches.  (Sajen’s owner)


  • Cindy:  I just wanted you to know how much we love Payson.  He is the most people friendly big dog we have every had.  He loves his sister Sadie (beagle) and they both love Rving with us.  He brings joy to our lives and everyday and he is the hit at RV parks as everyone wants to know what he is and can’t believe how friendly and loving he is.  He loves the 5 acres and is outside most of the time when we are home.

    Thanks for giving us such a wonderful family member.

    Please feel free to put our message up and feel free to use our names.  He is the most loved dog in the RV parks.  Everyone wants to know what he is and then he kisses them and they fall in love just like us.