We have a few things going on here to share.

We will be breeding Coy (McCoy) on her next litter in the fall. The lucky fella will be Puhti.

Speaking of Puhti, we are happy to annouce we are taking him to the Premier with us.  Along with McCoy, these two should make a good showing. Lets hope he feels like struting his stuff.

The Parade of Portugal is in the works.  Check us out on Facebook or at www.paradeofportugal.com !
I hope all our Portuguse breed owning friends will join us for a day of enjoying our dogs under a Portuguese Judge.

For those of you that have Estrela, please consider adding your mark to our map!

I have a couple more links for you to check out too!
And there will be a club store coming soon.

Have a wonderful safe summer!