GRCH. Choupo Da Ponta Da Pinta

Call Name: Choupo

DOB: 3/2003

In November 2003 I traveled over and picked up our new boy.  It is Choupo, and he is simply wonderful. We are please to have this boy. Choupo’s sire is the champion of Portugal , an International Champion, and now Finland too. His dam is a dark brindle girl out of Serra De Sintra in Portugal!   We are very please to announce that Choupo was the first UKC champion, the first UKC Grand Champioin, and a CGC, TDI dog.  Choupo is our basic ‘go to guy’.  If we need a dog for anything, he answers the call and handles what ever we throw at him. 

We have spent the last few years trying to discover why Choupo has aspermia.  All the tests revealed nothing, our next step would be exploritory surgery.  We are not willing to do that.  Choupo will reprsent the breed in other ways.  He is a wonderful ambassador for this breed. He will continue his public service work.

No sooner had I updated this page and a lady called me, from Georgia.  She owns a farm and the coyotes were having a heavy toll on her this year.  She had tried to hire a trapper to no avail.  She was at her wits end, and she found us.  I was limited in choices as to which dog would work best for her.  Choupo, our go to guy, would have to become her go to guy too.  He was livestock safe, and completely stable with visitors and children. 

Choupo has been at Tanglewood farm for a few months now.  I am very happy for Tanglewood, and for Choupo, being the king of his own farm….mini farm at that.  We wish them nothing but the best, we will always love our handsome champion.

More pictures of Choupo can be seen in his album. 
Check out Choupo’s new home here:



Normal Elbows,
Clear Cardio
Normal Patella