Puppy Plans

Our Plans:

We are no longer taking names for puppy lists or planning any breedings.
I recommend you contact Ponta da Pinta.

We do so much to make you part of the process, most new homes feel very connected to their puppy, before they even come home.

Our puppies are exclusively socialized. We go to great lenghts to ensure a TE puppy will be a happy addition to your home. Our techiques are being copied all over. We have built a one of a kind puppy yard. Featuring learn through play! Teeter-totters,misters, stairs, pools, bells, logs, tunnels, platforms and ‘caves’ and recently a dig pit. Our puppies leave here solid and able to handle the transition.

All litters are whelped and grow on the puppy cam!

Puppies do not leave until 8 weeks old.

We do ship if needed.

Puppies are utd on all health, (worming vaccinations etc)

Registered with the UKC.

Protected under a third party health, genetic/breeder warranty. This covers the dog for one year for any genetic or breeder health problems.

Protected under a TE contract. (spay/neuter or breeding) this is not a controlling contract, it simply states you do or don’t want to breed and if you do not you will alter the dog, take care of the dog and not rehome the dog.

All puppies are micro chipped, all you have to do is register the chip.

We start socializing puppies at day one. By day 7 we are desensitizing them to thunder and fireworks. The things we highlight are noises, other animals, kids, navigating new surfaces (somes ‘scary’ surfaces), elevation, and new places.

We place puppies according to their new homes needs and intended use for the puppy. One thing I often hear from my puppy owners is how well their puppy fits their family. We do our very best to match a puppy to you and your family.

Any puppies flying are started on leash and crate trained.

Puppies are mostly house broken by the time they leave. If the new home is conscious and alert, it should progress smoothly.

Any working puppies are extensively socialized with the stock.

Weekly updates are sent via email starting the week before whelp.

And finally we are here, for any support or help you may need.

In regards to our breeding dogs, we test for Hips and Elbows. While we like to use Pennhip, there is no online database for you to check. So we often use OFA. Please check out the Estrela results on www.offa.org before buying your next dog. Ask to see Pennhip results. A breeder can not control everything, but we can do our best to breed healthy sound dogs.