Is your Estrela fat?

Attention current TrailsEnd owners, Attention hopeful owners. Please read this!
The ideal weight of your Estrela is NOT A NUMBER on the scale. I do NOT care what your vet says about that number either. Have him/her call me if you want. Some vets want a fat dog, it is more money for them down the road. Unethical but true!
I have just returned home from Premier, where I was lucky enough to see one of my TE Estrela that is 3 years old now. She was just very recently rehomed due to some neighbor conflicts. Luckily the new home knew she was overweight and has put her on a diet. Even after several months on the diet she is still at least 10 pounds overweight. With the care and concern of her new home, I am sure she will have that off in no time.
So, how do you tell the ideal weight? Put your hands on your dog! PLEASE do not just look at your dog and judge, TOUCH THEM!  Can you easily feel the ribs? If you have to dig, that is NOT considered easy.

dog body condition chartThis is not about you not loving your dog. In fact the reason they are overweight is usually too many treats. You do love your dog, you just do not understand they really ARE fat and you are the only one that can stop it. This is not a personal attack on you, but lifesaving information for your canine family member.
The list of health problems with an overweight dog is numerous. The same as it would be for a person. You are shortening their life drastically.

If you need ‘real’ proof (although the word of your breeder should really be enough) here is a list of VET Schools that will give you the same information.

Body Condition Scoring Your Pets

I would list dozens, but you get the idea. Just because you have a large breed does not mean they need to be ‘bulky’ too. An Estrela SHOULD BE AGILE, not cumbersome. Even we have weight problems here at TE. I have a few dogs that are alway on less rations because they can get fat from the air, I swear. But we acknowledge it and work VERY hard to control it daily.
I have edited my contract to include weight management now, because this is important.
**Photo credit is Purina**