Metkumutkan Power and Glory

Not on Location, Not owned by TE

Call Name: Puhti


Color: Fawn

 We are so very honored to have this boy available to us for Stud.  We hope to have many beautiful puppies with him!

Puhti’s write up is courtesy of his owners, Jen and Erik.

Most people who meet Puhti comment almost immediately on how handsome he is…and he readily agrees with wagging tail and slobbery nose-bumps.  The second thing they say is “Pootie- now that’s an interesting name!” 

Metkumutkan Power and Glory, “Puhti” was the name that came with this big fellow when he joined our family.  We are good friends with the Hazen family and fell in love with their Estrela “Z” when we visited their home in Virginia.  Haze connected us with his breeder in Finland, and soon we had our Puhti, the “younger brother from a different mother” to Z. 

In old Finnish, Puhti means “Zip”, “Vigor” “Power”, or “Strength”, really anything that is quick, springy and powerful.  Zip describes Puhti very well for about 3% of his waking hours.  The other 97% he spends resting, generally on his back with his feet in the air.  That being said, he can spring to life in an instant.  If a bird flies too close to the house, he will bark it away almost immediately.  If a neighbor is walking across the street, he will make sure that the neighbor knows that he is watching. 

Puhti has been a wonderful addition to our family.  We have two kids, a five year old son and a daughter of six months.  He is extremely good with the children, never rough and always very snuggly – extremely tolerant and careful with a curious baby.  Importantly, he is very protective as well.  On walks, he will step between the kids and any other dogs that venture too close.  When a person approaches he acts similarly by cautiously saying hello then retreating back to his spot next to the kids.  His attitude is excellent.  He is very loving and he is extremely smart.  He has learned to differentiate various rooms in the house, i.e. you can tell him to go in the kitchen and he will go to the kitchen.  Tell him to go upstairs and he will immediately run upstairs. 

He is also good with visitors and other children, as long as you make it clear that you are friendly with them and their presence in the house is fine.  He is the gentle giant of the neighborhood, “Puhti the Bear” to most of the kids, and is loved by people and other dogs alike.

We are extremely blessed to have found Puhti and cannot recommend the breed enough for their demeanor, protectiveness and overall great attitude.  He is 100+ lbs of fur and sweetness – our Finnish import has turned into the perfect Southern Gentleman!

Sire of the Navy Litter.


Hips A/A

Elbows 0/0

Heart Normal

More photos of Puhti can be seen in his album.