Jr. CH. Pastorale da Ponta da Pinta CGC, TDI

Pastorale Da Ponta Da Pinta, TDI, CGC, IABCA Jr. CH, November 2002-September 2007.

 Pastorale was our first puppy import. And you could tell! She was trusting, loving and full of life. She loved to travel, she loved her work as a TDI dog. When I said ‘lets go’, she was wating for me at the gate. I took Passy on a trip to Wyoming, and that is when she fell ill. Vets from WY to NC had examined her, but finally one here at home found her problem. She had an aggressive stomach cancer. Our Passy was starving to death day by day. We spent a last weekend with her, before saying good bye.

The hospital halls are a very lonely place now Passy, we miss you, they miss you and the world misses the “First Star of Portugal’


It has been over a year since we lost Passy and it is no easier now then it was then. I was thinking of her tonight on her last big trip with me.  I drove to Wyoming to deliver a King Shepherd puppy to my mom.  We were driving through the Beartooth on our way to my home town in Montana.  We stopped at the ‘perfect’ spot in the beartooth.  This couple was already in our spot as we walked up over the hill, I saw them, and their three dogs, off lead.  I told my mother we couldn’t go any further since their dogs were off lead.  No sooner had I said this when their three dogs, black hunting labs, (not your show variety, but western working labs, a good 80 pounds at least) come charging up the trail at us.  I have Passy on her lead and she is, at my left behind me a bit.  Two of the labs come RIGHT at me, serious to stop me I guess.  Passy had not even seen them before they came up the trail and BAM she was right there, in front of me, READY to take on two, or three if needed.  They were NOT going to get me.  I wrapped both arms around her neck as she lunged for them, and started yelling at the couple to call off their dogs.  My mother was yelling, it was not too….nice.  After a few very crazy moments of snapping teeth and my kicking at them, they dogs backed up a few feet and I was able to back Passy off.  She was sick, had stomach cancer and still ready to be brave and protect us.  I miss you girl.