Luau’s full brother. It was a great time for us when he came over. He had lived a poor life on the end of a chain, forgotten in a back yard. He was in bad shape, but recovered so quickly I thought we were out of the woods. A few months after this photo his weight started dropping, drastically. We were at the vet often testing for everything we could. I was seeking advice on many fronts, he had become aggressive, he was losing weight, eating at much as I could feed him, and his coat was changing texture. The vet was out of ‘ideas’, the next thing was to start exploratory surgery. I was mulling over this when he attacked the goats, and the next day the pigs. It was a hard time, and the worse part was the necropsy was not done thoroughly, they only heard us say aggressive (LIKE others in the dog world) and checked for rabies, which of course was negative. Such a handsome man, he had such a hard life.