Common sense approach

Feeding your dog should not be a complicated issue. It is not a difficult thing to realize that feeding real food is more in tuned with your dogs balance. It can be easy, cheaper, much healthier and fun for your dogs.

BARF or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, (bones and raw food) consists of Raw meaty bones, muscle and organ meat, some vegetables, fruits, scraps and whatever vitamins, minerals etc you feel is needed. For instance, I always put Vit. C and Brewers yeast in my food.

Regardless of what the commercial dog food companies tell you (and your vet) dogs are not designed to eat the grains and carbohydrates that make up 40%!! of their commercial dog food diet.

A BARF diet provides your dog with balanced (over time, meals) nutrition. The teeth and gums will be cleaner from the raw bones. A well balanced diet occurs over time, from meal to meal. This is a common sense diet….