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Some Estrela sites!!! 

Breeders I can recommend.

TradeWinds House: http://www.tradewindshouse.com/   (she does NOT call  herself a breeder, but she is working hard to start her kennel correctly)  USA

Canil Akaroa: http://www.akaroas.se/   Sweden

Quinta do Pasto: http://www.quintadopasto.com/   Portugal

Quinta da Liria: clientes.netvisao.pt/cavenanc/ing/index.html   Portugal

Ponta da Pinta: http://pontadapinta.blogspot.com/   Portugal

Canil D’Alpetratinia: http://www.alpetratinia.net/   Portugal

Sturtmoor: http://www.sturtmoor.com/news.php    United Kingdom

Metkumutkan http://metkumutkan.webs.com/estrelanvuoristokoirat.htm  Finland

The Estrela Mountain Dog Association of America, the only REAL breed club for the Estrela.

Do your homework before joining a breed club, not all are geniune breed clubs. Getting listed on the AKC is not hard to do.



The Parade of Portugal:



The new home of Gr Ch Choupo da Ponta da Pinta, Tanglewood Farm!  Named one of Atlanta’s best attractions.  Check it out!   



Molosser Design:



Molosser Dogs



Vaccination Protocol Information:



 B-Naturals offers holistic, natural products for dogs, cats: