WELCOME SAILORS!  Lisboa graced us with two beautiful puppies on Nov 27th, in the wee hours of the morning. She was being kind getting it out of the way real early so I could go about my day as normal?! Their albums are coming soon, in the mean time check out the puppy cam!!

these puppies are booked.


Edit: Our next litter is due the end of November.  Our Navy Litter will be out of Lisboa by Puhti as we hoped! Contact us
for more information.

Our next litter is planned to be Lisboa da Serra de Sintra to Metkumutkan Power and Glory (puhti).

Boa should be in heat in the late summer/early fall. This will be Boa’s second and final litter if all goes as planned.  We hope to keep a puppy out of this litter.

Puhti lives a couple hours south of us so it will be a pleasure to have him visit for a while.  Hopefully it will fall around a show weekend, and we can introduce him to the show world too!

You can see each dog, their photos, pedigrees and health tests on their page, and in the Gallery.