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‘the brats of TE’

News and updates~

We have a super new page! Thank you to Joanna from Ruffly Speaking for such an excellent article.

Puppy Buyer Etiquette

The Parade of Portugal and UKC Premier is over now but was wonderful!

A Portuguese Water Dog, Hi Sea’s Dr Romeo Macduff won BISS. Congrats to his owner Louise Glenda Newton on this wonderful win, under a Portuguese Judge Maria Amelia Taborda.
Our own McCoy was Best of Breed at PoP. We are very proud of her continued success and maturity.

During the Premier, an eye clinic was going on. Supporting health clinics is a sure way to see more in the future so we had McCoys eyes tested., and we are happy to report she has normal eyes and will soon be on OFA with her results.

We hope to have puppies in August. This litter is booked, but are also planning a fall breeding of either Quinta x Dourado or Unalakleet x Dourado.

There is also going to be a breeding in Virginia in August. I am happy to give you more details on this, both parents have had the required health tests done.

Summer Litter 2013

As the weather warms up so do our plans for the next TE litter. We feel this litter is currently booked, however, depending on how many she thinks is enough…this litter *may* have a spot open. The mothers love to prove me wrong, happily!
Contact us for more information!

*In June we will be in Kalamazoo for the Parade of Portugal. Our Top Ten girl McCoy will be there, but since she is currently pretty coatless, she may just supervise. We are doing the ‘coat dance’ daily in hopes she will sprout like a Chia Pet.
If you want to meet not only the Estrela, but other Portuguese breeds, head on overy to Kalamazoo for the show. We have a wonderful example of many native Portuguese breeds each year. see for more information.

*One of our grown puppies has just finished her health testing! The owner is hoping to breed her in August. If you would like information on the Penny litter, please contact us.

Welcome 2013!!

We are very excited to share the big news.

McCoy by TrailsEnd is expecting a bundle of puppies. Since our last planned litter did not catch, we invited Zee down for a Thanksgiving slumber party.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, we had three successful breedings by Zee.
CH. Metkumutkan Successor aka Dogzilla, aka Zee,
Due to a family crisis, Zee has found a new home, still in Virgina. We are very luck to have stud access to him. Thank you to our friends for not only giving him a wonderful home but allowing us to continue to use him.

Puppies are due the end of January. Check back for updates.

I love fall!  And I have great news!

We picked up Akaroa’s Dourado 2 weeks ago. He has been a very busy fella. Shaking up with Tapada da Alpetratinia. Since the two girls we wanted to breed this summer were inexperienced, we decided to use an experienced girl with Dourado.

We have wanted one more litter from Tapada, this is it. With every litter you have an idea of what will be great.,I expect this litter to have super temperaments. We are expecting puppies in November! You can see more of these two fantastic dogs in their album and on their pages.

Contact us for more information.

As we get back to puppy free life, with the Navy kids gone to their homes now, anticipation is building over our next litter! And we could not be more excited about this litter.  Una is our own home grown girl! Our first to have puppies.  She will be matched very nicely with Akaroa’s Dourado.

We picked up this handsome man on Feb 3rd.  He will be staying with us until Una decides to come into season.

We are not sure exactly when this will be as she threw a wrench in the plans with a silent heat (or a psuedo) heat in November.  So we will patiently wait for her to be ready.

We are proud of their health scores, please check out Una’s  page and album.  Dourado’s page, and album.
We do not breed untested dogs.

There are many bookings on this litter already, Contact us for more information.