Echo by TrailsEnd

Photo is Echo by TrailsEnd. He has a new page, click here.
At TrailsEnd farm we believe in the preservation of rare and heritage breeds. We are located in beautiful North Carolina. The base of our farm is our Estrela Mountain Dogs.  We believe that true type and temperament are very important today.
Proudly working with the Estrela Mountain Dog for over 12 years. We have searched high and low for different bloodlines, new genetic depth and diversity to add to our lines.  We have been to Portugal many times, and to the  UK on this quest. It has been an adventure! We have enjoyed every minute of it.

Ask us about our puppy yard.  Ask us for references.

NOT all breeders xray, do your homework!! For a link to the OFA Estrela Mountain Dog page, click the banner below.

Our puppies undergo an extensive socialization.
We DO NOT breed for show, or color,  we show to protect the breed and educate judges on the breed.

TrailsEnd dogs are trained at Einstein Canine Training and Activity Center.

Please enjoy our site and come back often to check for updates and new pictures.

Please read our About Us page on how we do things here, at TrailsEnd.



Your Estrela will be your true loyal friend for several years, probably 12 or even more, and fill your life with sweet loving memories. Now you can share his gorgeous looks with everyone in the Estrela community, making sure he’ll always be remembered! Donate to help publishing the new book Cuidar do Cão da Serra da Estrela / Rearing the Estrela Mountain Dog and have his photo included in the book, in whole-page-size or in small format. To learn more lease visit 

Care of the Estrela


It was a long few weeks, but our OFA on Echo by TrailsEnd has finally arrived. We are so very proud to share

Hips Excellent

Elbows Normal

For all OFA results, click here.

Litter news coming soon!!


We were hoping the other two breeders of the Team Estrela Co-op were going to have their premier litters this fall. Sadly that did not work according to plans, mother nature has her own idea about things.

We are going to breed three litters in 2014, if the puppy list stays as active as it is now.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any litter for the year. First on the block is either Una or Quinta. Depending on who comes into season first.
We are still hopeful the Team Nec Aspera and TradeWinds will have their premier litters in the near future.



We have a super new page! Thank you to Joanna from Ruffly Speaking for such an excellent article.

Puppy Buyer Etiquette

The Parade of Portugal and UKC Premier is over now but was wonderful!

A Portuguese Water Dog, Hi Sea’s Dr Romeo Macduff won BISS. Congrats to his owner Louise Glenda Newton on this wonderful win, under a Portuguese Judge Maria Amelia Taborda.
Our own McCoy was Best of Breed at PoP. We are very proud of her continued success and maturity.

During the Premier, an eye clinic was going on. Supporting health clinics is a sure way to see more in the future so we had McCoys eyes tested., and we are happy to report she has normal eyes and will soon be on OFA with her results.

We hope to have puppies in August. This litter is booked, but are also planning a fall breeding of either Quinta x Dourado or Unalakleet x Dourado.

There is also going to be a breeding in Virginia in August. I am happy to give you more details on this, both parents have had the required health tests done.


As the weather warms up so do our plans for the next TE litter. We feel this litter is currently booked, however, depending on how many she thinks is enough…this litter *may* have a spot open. The mothers love to prove me wrong, happily!
Contact us for more information!

*In June we will be in Kalamazoo for the Parade of Portugal. Our Top Ten girl McCoy will be there, but since she is currently pretty coatless, she may just supervise. We are doing the ‘coat dance’ daily in hopes she will sprout like a Chia Pet.
If you want to meet not only the Estrela, but other Portuguese breeds, head on overy to Kalamazoo for the show. We have a wonderful example of many native Portuguese breeds each year. see for more information.

*One of our grown puppies has just finished her health testing! The owner is hoping to breed her in August. If you would like information on the Penny litter, please contact us.